Academy profile:

HA Prep Academy (Physical Address)
115 South Briggs Ave
Durham, North Carolina 27703

PO Box 11837 (Mailing Address)
Durham, North Carolina 27703
Front Office: (919) 748-0212
Fax: (919) 321-0377

School’s Email:

Grading System

HA Prep Academy uses a 4.0 unweighted system. Letter grades are assigned as:

A – 90-100

B – 80-89

C – 70-79

D – 60-69

F – 59 or below

The Curriculum

The academic program is college preparatory. A maximum load is six classes per day, culminating in a maximum of six credits each year.

Students may select Honors Courses in several subject areas. Certain courses are designated specifically as honors courses. In other cases, a highly motivated student may contract with the staff of a standard college preparatory course to complete honors-level assignments and achieve the honors designation for that course.

HA Prep Academy offers several Advanced Placement courses per student request based off AP testing.

Mission Statement

HA Prep Academy inspires academic/career/athletic success, exposes our students to opportunities academically/professionally/athletically and educates them while fostering healthy relationships (grades 9-12) in a small, structured and nurturing environment of accountability and support.

Non-discriminatory Statement

Rules for acceptance and participation in all activities and programs are the same for all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, handicap, or national origin. This institution is primarily a special agency geared to meet the needs of the individual student, 14 through 18 years of age, of average to high intelligence with minimal physical, social, emotional, or behavioral limitations, and geared only to take care of those types of conditions. Individuals with other disabilities or handicaps will be referred to other institutions with appropriate services.

“A consistent and healthy focus on our mission; the thoughtful consideration given to school policies and how our students benefit from a carefully maintained balance of nurture and structure; the genuine devotion we have for our community and student body; the wide range of programs we provide for such a small student population, ensuring attention, accountability, and self-reliance really defines what we embody at HA Prep”

Malcom J. Reed

Academic Support:

Notecard was given to
Harvey Evans Auld

Malcolm X once said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” A key focus of the Academy is to provide support so that students equip themselves today with the education needed to compete in their future endeavors and life. In addition to daily advising and a hands-on approach from faculty and staff, assistance is available through these tools:

Office Hours are offered by staff daily to all students as needed or desired. Office hours may be utilized by any student seeking enhanced understanding or enrichment in a class, trade or athletics. This may be mandated by staff at his/her discretion. Students earning below a “C” in any class at the interim of any quarter shall be required to immediately begin attending Office Hours with the staff of record for that class.

Peer Tutoring is approved by the faculty and assigned through the Counseling Office, and is available to students who need additional assistance.

Applied Learning Skills Lab is an elective course for credit that incorporates staff-directed lessons on test-taking strategies, organization, time management and personal development.

Quiet Time begins at 8:30 pm each school night in the residence halls. Students must be in their rooms or in a supervised study area if they need additional support. Quiet Time is monitored by the Residential Life staff and is intended to provide structure to study time.


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