The Founder’s welcome:

Harvey Evans Auld, 1967

Who is HA Prep? HA Prep was named in honor of my late grand-father, Harvey Evans Auld. Who at the age of 7 was sent to work in the cotton and tobacco fields of the segregated south in Mullins, South Carolina. He never was afforded the opportunity to continue his education past the 2nd grade which rendered him without the ability to read or write. He would then go on to marry his childhood crush Sarah Mae and raise a family of 8 children while working in maintenance, then becoming a bellman at the Flanders hotel located in Ocean City, New Jersey, where he relocated his wife and kids. He retired after 32 years on the job. My grand-father was a provider, a hard worker, he was strong-minded and rough on the outside but extremely loyal and compassionate on the inside. My grand-father passed away on May 10, 2014 he was 82 years old…leaving behind his wife of 64 years (my grand-mother) Sarah Mae Auld who is currently 87. His life and legacy illustrate his ability to persevere and his unwavering commitment to his family. So, in my heart it is only fitting that an institution of higher learning bares the name of such an honorable man. One of the many things that I took away from watching my grand-father was “If you don’t stand for something or be willing to fight for it, you’ll fall for anything and/or lose every battle”

And on that note, I would like to…

Welcome you to the HA Prep Academy website. For the past few years we have excepted students not only into our small private school but more importantly into the HA Prep family. Like a hidden gem, HA Prep Academy has become the answer for those parents/young people who find themselves asking one of life’s most frustrating questions: Where can I find a school that will enable my child/myself to realize their/my untapped potential? You have found that with HA Prep Academy. We believe strongly in our school and it is my hope that our website can provide for you a healthy and transparent glimpse of HA Prep Academy. Through the various links and pages, you will learn what makes HA Prep such a unique boarding school: academic success through student accountability; athletic success through excellent sports and training programs; career success through exposure and support; a fresh start for those needing a new environment; a school that is small in stature but big on authentic relationships and individualized supports. These will always be pillars of our school. We know it can be challenging to replicate on a digital screen the many subtleties of a vibrant campus. Yet I hope—through words expressed and images presented—that you capture a tangible feel for daily life at HA Prep. A consistent and healthy focus on our mission; the thoughtful consideration given to school policies and how our students benefit from a carefully maintained balance of nurture and structure; the genuine devotion we have for our community and student body; the wide range of programs we provide for such a small student population, ensuring attention, accountability, and self-reliance really defines what we embody at HA Prep. So, welcome to the HA Prep Academy website. We are a school, a family, a place for students to grow and reach their fullest potential.

We are HA Prep Academy – Kings!

Malcom J. Reed