Why HA Prep Academy…

Do you know a young person that is having difficulty in school, whether academically or socially? Do you feel they’re squandering their potential and you’re worried about their future? For most young people to make the kinds of changes that are needed, a change in environment may be necessary. For each of us, there is a life-changing moment of discovery at some point. It may be the sudden rush of confidence when mastering something difficult. It may be the joy at finding a talent we didn’t know was there or it could be something a teacher/mentor says that stays with us. Attending HA Prep would be one of those life-changing moments. Since 2017, HA Prep Academy has transformed the lives of its students. Located in the heart of Durham, North Carolina our small private co-ed college-preparatory, basketball and vocational training boarding school for 9th – 12th graders combine structure with self-reliance, discipline with discovery and a guiding hand with a warm heart all while specializing in individualized learning and growth. Our curriculum challenges the brightest students and encourages those who may feel less motivated or who may be experiencing difficulty in their current school or life situation. Our structured, nurturing and relational environment provides the opportunity for students to redefine themselves in a multitude of positive ways through accountability and support.

Our thoughts are rooted in four beliefs:

  1. Every young person has the potential to be great.
  2. Regardless of a young person’s current circumstances, they have the ability to change it if afforded the right opportunity.
  3. Every young person wants to be successful.
  4. Once a young person gets the “genuine” supports they need, they’ll become relentless in the pursuit of their goals.

Four simple beliefs. One dramatic result. A true life-changing event for a young person! Would you like to find out more? To request information, inquire online or call 919-748-0212.