Tuition and Fees

Investing in your child’s future can come at a considerable financial cost. Like you, we realize the importance of this investment. HA Prep Academy strives to keep costs affordable by providing financially feasible options to families seeking excellence in education and adolescent development. As part of the enrollment fees, families are provided Tuition Refund Insurance which protects your tuition commitment against unforeseen withdrawal.

Domestic Tuition & Fees
(For students who are United States citizens or Permanent Residents)


  • Tuition, Room, Board & Fees
  •  $13,500

Other Required Deposits and Fees

  • Allowance Account Deposit
  • $1,000
  • Expense Account Deposit
  •  $1,000
  • TOTAL due HA Prep Academy
  •  $15,500

Charges to the Expense Account include books and class fees, school field trips, sports team expenses, parent-authorized charges, and other miscellaneous fees.

HA Prep Academy is committed to assisting families in their effort to secure a quality education. To this end, we offer several defined payment plans based on the individual needs of both domestic and international students.



  • Tuition, Room, Board, Fees
  •  $20,800

Other required deposits and fees

  • Allowance account deposit
  •  $2,000
  • Expense account deposit
  •  $2,000
  • Total Due Ha Prep Academy
  •  $24,800

*A non-refundable reservation deposit of $5,000 is due within two weeks of receipt of the Enrollment Contract. The remaining balance including all additional fees is required prior to arriving on campus.

As a part of the enrollment fees, families are provided Tuition Refund Insurance to protect your tuition commitment against unforeseen withdrawals.

Financial Aid

Families interested in applying for need-based financial aid should contact for further information and to obtain an application. Funds are limited, financial aid is not guaranteed to all qualified applicants.

Payment Method

Payment should be made by wire transfer directly to our bank. Please contact Administrative Offices, for wiring instructions.

Medical Insurance

The United States does not provide socialized medicine; thus, health care costs can be significant. We require all international students to be covered by medical insurance. We can obtain this for the student at a cost to be determined while in school, charged to the expense account. If the student has previous coverage, we must have proof of the policy prior to the student arriving on campus.

Expense/Allowance Account

International students must have on deposit funds to cover expenses such as allowance, travel, testing fees, clothing, supplies, and telephone expenses. These funds must remain on deposit with HA Prep Academy and are managed by the Administrative Office. It is strongly recommended that international students have a credit/debit card to use for personal shopping, personal expenses, and travel incidentals.
Contact: Administrative Offices,